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This page aims to keep you up to date with any news related to cave documentation - resources, techniques, examples, etc, etc. The latest items are the top of the list. If you know of further items from anywhere in the world, please send the details to Peter Matthews at [ matthews@melbpc.org.au ] to help keep this page up to date.

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UIS Caver's Multi-lingual Dictionary gets six new languages: [2013-06-19]
New are: Greek, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latin, and Slovenian. Further languages are in the pipeline.
UIS Caver's Multi-lingual Dictionary gets three new languages: Indonesian, Dutch and Swedish. [2012-11-23]
Japanese is also being prepared.

UIS Survey and Mapping Grades issued. [2010-08-17]
International voting was completed in August 2010 and the standard issued. A minor cosmetic revision was completed on 2012-09-14. The Survey and Mapping Working Group is looking for suggestions about what to tackle next.

UIS Survey and Mapping Grades discussion started [2010-02-04]
The initial discussion about the grades took place on 25 July 2009 at a meeting during the International Speleo Congress in Texas, USA. Since then, the initial draft has been circulated and a forum set up for further discussion. Everyone interested can contribute their ideas and download the draft via the forum at:

UIS Caver's Multi-lingual Dictionary gets three new languages: Bulgarian, Serbian and Farsi/Persian [2009-12-15]

UIS Caver's Multi-lingual Dictionary gets major update of Portuguese terms [2009-06-08]

UISIC's Cave Data Exchange Proposal gets major updates [2009-01-24]

UISIC Contact List has been updated [2008-09-29]
As a first step to revitalising the Informatics Commission's website, its Contact List, after quite a bit of work, has been updated. This list aims to help communication both with those who are interested and also those who are responsible for cave documentation in each country. It also contains brief details of any related databases. This update is a 'first draft' after many years, so please advise the editor of any updates or suggested changes.

The next step is to re-establish the Commission's mailing list, cavedata, and to introduce web forums to aid communication between those interested in cave and karst documentation.

Basic Cave Mapping Symbols reviewed but unchanged [2008-05-06]
The UIS Basic Cave Mapping Symbols were established in 1999. In July 2007 the Mapping Working Group commenced a review to see if any changes were needed. However in May 2008 they decided to leave them unaltered.

Karst Information Portal goes live [2007-09-03]
The Karst Information Portal went live in August 2007. It is a new international web-based facility for accessing and collaborating on world-wide cave and karst information for researchers, managers and explorers. UIS is one of the four founding organisations. The portal aims both to link to existing literature and data sources, and also to store this kind of data directly. See our Introduction for more details.

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