Summary of UISIC Activities at UIS Congress

La Chaux-de-Fonds, 1997

Peter Matthews

The following is the summary report which was accepted at the Second Session of the UIS General Assembly at the Congress.
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Two meetings and one workshop were held during the Congress. We have reached agreement on the procedures necessary to move forward with our present main task of establishing standard data field definitions in order to facilitate cave/karst data exchange and/or consolidation. We have also agreed on a set of basic fields on which to start the work, so that there will be the earliest benefit for the most people.

The Commission has also agreed to establish an internal working group in order to realise the work of Philipp Häuselmann's informal cave mapping symbols group. Countries are invited to appoint a delegate to this working group, preferably before the end of September 1997.

Programme for the next four years

  1. Establish standard data field definitions to facilitate data exchange between different databases. This work will be done in co-operation with IGU. [ Proposal ]
  2. Produce a bibliography of cave/karst informatics. [ Details ]
  3. Co-operate with the UIS Bibliography Commission's Working Group on Cave and Karst Speleological Subject Classifications (WG Chairman: Alexander Klimchouk, Ukraine.)
    [ an interim UISIC scheme ]
  4. Complete the work of the Commission's new Cave Survey and Mapping Working Group to establish a core set of standard symbols for cave mapping under the leadership of Philipp Häuselmann (Switzerland). [ Introduction ]
  5. Make software available for creating and maintaining cave databases which conforms to UIS standards. [ Details ]
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