UIS Informatics Commission Report 2009-2013

Peter MATTHEWS, May 2013. Web: http://www.uisic.uis-speleo.org
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The Informatics Commission was established in 1986 and aims to encourage and facilitate the systematic collection and responsible use of cave, karst and related data on an international basis.

This report covers our work in the four years since the 2009 ICS in Texas, USA. Good progress has been made in our working groups for Survey and Mapping and for the Multi-lingual Cavers Dictionary, considerable time has been devoted to UIS' Internet facilities, and a substantial chapter on speleo documentation and databases was contributed to the 2nd edition of "Encyclopedia of Caves" (White & Culver, Elsevier 2012). However a lack of volunteers has resulted in very little progress with our many other projects. We definitely need some new blood in the Commission, and I would be happy to stand aside for someone else who could do a better job of encouraging participation and progressing and activating these projects.

During the Period 2009-2013

Projects or Working Groups

Ongoing or in progress: Awaiting a start:

Volunteers needed

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