UIS Informatics Commission Report 2005-2009

Peter MATTHEWS, August 2009. Web: http://www.uisic.uis-speleo.org
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The Informatics Commission was established in 1986 and aims to encourage and facilitate the systematic collection and responsible use of cave, karst and related data on an international basis.

This report covers the work since the 2005 ICS in Greece, together with notes from the 2009 ICS in Texas.

I am happy to say that over the period the Commission has been able to make progress with rejuvenating its core work after the Bureau agreed to take over responsibility for the UIS Internet facilities.

During the Period 2005-2009

At the 2009 Congress

At the 2009 Congress several useful contacts were made and new collaborations initiated. I am happy to lead the Commission for the next 4-year period, and am looking for a Vice President to help me run the Commission. Our current line-up of existing and new projects is:

Volunteers wanted

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