UIS Informatics Commission

Publications Exchange Working Group

Leader: Trevor Faulkner, UK.

Edition 2 of documents - 9 Nov 2016

The Publications Exchange Working Group of the UIS Informatics Commission has been established to tackle the challenges and opportunities for the exchange, accessing, organisation, safe storage and archiving of world-wide published speleological and karstic information into the future.

This edition of the web page adds the results of the August 2016 workshop during the European Speleological Congress in Yorkshire, UK, and the resultant Edition 2 of the working group's draft recommendations and status spreadsheets, issued 9 Nov 2016.


  1. Promote the exchanges of previous and new paper journals and books that will be housed in physical libraries internationally;
  2. Publicise the extent of this international cooperation to help safeguard the preservation of important speleological information into the distant future, as a widely distributed 'archive';
  3. Examine the opportunities and problems related to the production, dissemination and storage of information electronically, to improve its international and searchable 'access'.


Our vision is that the Working Group will assist in the networking of over 100 existing speleological libraries internationally that will each hold and catalogue a good selection of published cave and karst literature.


All speleo Librarians, Editors, other production people and anyone else interested in this topic is invited to contact the Chairman and join the Working Group so that we can benefit from your opinions and experience.

Working Documents

The following documents and spreadsheets are all works in progress. Your comments and further suggestions are very much encouraged - just email the Chairman.

Current issues and recommendations


If you have suggested changes that you want to mark up, please copy/paste from the PDF into a Word or OpenOffice document, highlight your suggested changes, and email it back to the Chairman.

Current exchange situation


If you want to email any of the organisations listed, the address of their publications contact person can be supplied by the Chairman on request.

Spreadsheet updates are encouraged: please download the spreadsheet, highlight your updates, and email it back to the Chairman.

Action Plan

Our progress to date and future work plan: App.9 Action Plan


Inaugural Meeting on 2013-07-25, Brno, Czech Republic: Record of meeting | Overheads

Workshop on 2016-08-16, Yorkshire, UK: Minutes


Eventually we also hope to have tools available to help with this work.