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Sorry, the cavedata mailing list is currently not operating. It will be replaced shortly by cavedata web-based forums.
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These forums are for discussions, announcements, news, etc, about techniques and issues related to cave and karst databases, documentation, inventorying, and so on, from around the world.

As these are specialised forums there is no restriction on how heavy, deep or technical you want to get. However, no detailed cave locations, please.

To help with indexing, please use a descriptive subject line, and keep each posting to one main subject.

After you have registered, please consider sending a brief post to the main forum introducing yourself, and summarising your interest and/or activity with cave databases, documentation, etc. - even if you are just "interested" at this stage, rather than active.


  1. Please do not send cave locations via the forum.
  2. Please do not publish material distributed via the forum without the consent of the original author.
  3. Please be courteous.

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